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In the News

A Quality Life Community (QLC) is featured on the Salt Lake Magazine website. Read the article here

What We Do

A Quality Life Community (QLC) offers a wellness program for cancer patients, caregivers, and loved ones. QLC provides a free series of yoga, meditation classes, recovery retreats, as well as the newest insights on proper medical care, alternative care, nutrition and other innovative therapies. 

Mission & Vision Statement

​QLC is unique in that it is designed to support not just the individual, but is inclusive of the entire family or support system’s healing. QLC is also dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation teachers how to properly teach this powerful work. We are sustaining the paradigm shift that cancer no longer kills but is now a manageable disease much like we have seen in the evolution of AIDS.

Our Goal

​Our goal is to provide new insights to the cancer survivor from discovery to recovery and to address all necessary components in the ares of proper medical care, alternative care, and community care combining the wisdom and compassion of these areas with the benefits of a yogic and meditative practice accessible to everyone. 

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