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A Quality Life Community is made up of a small group of who are passionate about helping the cancer community. Many members of our staff overlap in positions and they all collaborate to make the community we serve comfortable and cared for. 



Director | Board Member | Instructor

Bill is a registered 400 hour yoga teacher. He has worked with the Hunstman Cancer Hospital Oncology Unit and University of Utah hospital and shares his passion for yoga by teaching at the Cancer Wellness house and Veterans Administration Hospital.




Erin has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and has completed a 500 hour teacher training as well as a 1,000 hour yoga therapy program. She has been teaching yoga for cancer survivors since 2006 and believes everyone needs to tailor their yoga practice to their own bodies - even in group classes.

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As a cancer survivor himself, Chris works with other survivors from a personal perspective. Students appreciate his Laughter Yoga as this practice brings the sounds of laughter and light-heartedness back into life spirit. With years of teaching at the Huntsman Cancer Wellness Center, as well as, 21st yoga—Chris offers himself to us as a substitute teacher when our regular teachers are out-of-town. His expertise and kind soul are welcome throughout all of A Quality Life Community’s classes. Chris is currently pursuing his Masters in Social Work at the University of Utah and continues to teach at 21st Yoga on Sunday nights at 5:30pm.



Founder | Board Member | Instructor

For the last 30 years Amy has been a school and yoga teacher. Initiating access to healing for people of all ages in schools, hospitals, and community centers has been her priority since her own diagnosis with breast cancer in 2005. Amy designed and continues to collaboratively teach at the University of Utah’s Burn Camp yoga program and at Salt Lake Arts Academy teaching 5th-8th graders.

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Each yoga instructor at A Quality Life Community has or has had a connection to cancer in their lives. They are trained to guide yoga classes in an accessible manner for anyone in the cancer community and are passionate about creating a positive, healing experience.

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Kathy is passionate about helping people reduce stress and anxiety, tune into their innate wisdom and reclaim their vitality and health.  Known for her authenticity and compassion on and off the mat, she incorporates her knowledge and passion for yoga, nutrition and holistic health and wellness as she guides and supports you on your journey to rediscovering the most peaceful, healthy version of yourself.  She believes that every person deserves to live the life of their dreams and she is ready to support you on your journey.

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